The House Ways and Means Committee is seeking comments on three bipartisan proposals intended to “modernize” Medicare cost-sharing policies. The proposals, which were included in President Obama’s proposed FY 2014 budget, include: (1) reducing premium subsides for wealthier seniors in Medicare Parts B and D (10-year savings of at least $50 billion); (2) increasing the

A number of recent Congressional hearings have focused on health policy issues, including the following:

  • The House Energy and Commerce Committee held hearings on bipartisan proposals to redesign the Medicare benefit structure and challenges facing businesses under the ACA. A June 28 hearing will focus on Medicare Part B drug program reforms.
  • House Ways and

Recent Congressional hearings have addressed a number of health policy issues. For instance, the House Energy and Commerce Committee held a series of hearings on health information technologies, covering the Administration’s perspectives on innovation and regulation (including a discussion of the Administration’s policies on regulation of mobile medical apps), how innovation benefits patients, and “harnessing