The Trump Administration has launched a new MyHealthEData initiative intended to make it easier for Medicare beneficiaries and other health consumers to control their medical data and share it with their choice of providers. The government-wide initiative, led by the White House Office of American Innovation, seeks to “break down the barriers that prevent patients from having electronic access and true control of their own health records from the device or application of their choice.”

As part of this overall initiative, CMS is launching Medicare “Blue Button 2.0” to enable beneficiaries to access and share their health data in a universal and secure digital format. Blue Button 2.0 currently contains four years of Medicare Part A, B, and D data.  CMS states that it “will be re-examining its expectations for Medicare Advantage plans and qualified health plans (QHPs) offered through the federally facilitated exchanges, and calling on all health insurers to release their data.”  In addition, CMS intends to streamline its Electronic Health Record Incentive Program, prioritize quality measures and improvement activities that promote interoperability, and require certain providers to show they have not engaged in data blocking activities.