The Trump Administration has issued interim final rules to make it easier for employers and health insurance plans to qualify for an exemption from ACA rules mandating coverage of contraceptive services without cost sharing on the basis of religious or moral objections. The extent to which group health plans must cover contraceptive services in cases in which there is a religious objection has been the subject of numerous previous regulations and litigation, with final rules adopted in 2015 that established a process for eligible organizations to provide notice of religious objection to contraceptive services coverage. The new HHS interim final rules would expand current exemptions to protect additional entities and individuals that object to coverage of contraceptive services based on (1) “sincerely held religious beliefs” or (2) “sincerely held moral convictions” that are not religious beliefs. The interim final rules are effective on October 6, 2017. Comments on the rules will be accepted until December 5, 2017.