HHS is forming a new “Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force” as part of the Administration’s effort to improve preparedness for cybersecurity threats affecting the health care industry.  HHS is accepting nominations for the Task Force until March 9, 2016.  Key qualifications for panelists include:

  • Service in a position of influence in an organization that is representative of a component of the broad health care and public health sector.
  • Experience in dealing with technical, administrative, management, and/or legal aspects of health information security.
  • Knowledge of major health information security policies, best practices, organizations, and trends.
  • Ability to participate actively in Task Force meetings (4 in-person meetings and 8 teleconferences, including the first teleconference on March 17) and contribute to Task Force products.

Nominees are invited from all segments of the health industry, including:  health plans, health care clearinghouses, or health care providers; advocates for patients or consumers; pharmacists; developers or vendors of health information technology; laboratories; pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturers.