The House Budget Committee has approved the budget resolution providing instructions to Congressional committees on the federal spending framework for FY 2017. The resolution calls for the adoption of major reforms to the Medicare program that would cut spending by $449 billion over 10 years, while Medicaid and other health care spending would be reduced by $1.03 trillion over 10 years. Major features of the resolution include: transition to a Medicare premium support model beginning in 2024 (under which beneficiaries select among health plans and receive a defined contribution towards premiums); combining Medicare Parts A and B; expanded means-testing of Medicare premiums; repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); enhanced flexibility for states to manage their Medicaid programs (coupled with repeal the ACA’s Medicaid expansion); and adoption of medical liability insurance reforms. The budget resolution was approved March 16, 2016 on a largely party-line 20 to 16 vote, with no Democrats supporting the bill. The resolution has not yet been considered by the full House.