The HHS OIG has updated its FY 2015 Work Plan to reflect new and/or completed items since release of its Work Plan in October 2014. Of note, the OIG has announced its plans to conduct several new Medicare reviews addressing: intensity-modulated radiation therapy; hospital preparedness and response to high-risk infectious diseases; access to DME in competitive bidding areas; Medicare clinical laboratory payments; inpatient rehabilitation facility payment system requirements; use of electronic health records to support care coordination through accountable care organizations; Part D oversight; and billing trends for Part D drugs and commonly abused opioids. With regard to the Medicaid program, the OIG has added reviews on manufacturer Medicaid prescription drug rebates, generic price increases, and treatment of authorized generic drugs. The OIG also intends to review the extent to which CMS oversees manufacturers’ and group purchasing organizations’ compliance with Open Payments data reporting requirements and whether the required data for physician and teaching hospital payments is accurately and completely displayed in the publicly available database.