According to a recent OIG report, "Incorrect Place-of-Service Coding Resulted in Potential Medicare Overpayments Costing Millions,” physicians did not always correctly code the place of service on Part B claims.  This resulted in potential overpayments of approximately $33.4 million for services provided from January 2010 through September 2012. The OIG explains that physicians performed these services in facility locations, but physicians incorrectly coded the services as performed in higher-paying nonfacility locations. The OIG attributes these overpayments to physician internal control weaknesses and insufficient contractor postpayment reviews. The OIG therefore recommends that CMS direct its Medicare contractors to recover identified overpayments, educate physicians and billing personnel on the importance of internal controls to ensure correct place-of-service coding, and expand data matches to identify potentially miscoded claims. CMS concurred with the recommendations.