The OIG has issued a report entitled “Limitations in Manufacturer Reporting of Average Sales Price Data for Part B Drugs.”  The OIG determined that at least one-third of 200 manufacturers did not submit required ASPs for some of their products in the third quarter of 2012, despite being required to do so, and another 45 manufacturers were not required to report ASPs because they have not signed a Medicaid drug rebate agreement (although 22 of these manufacturers voluntarily reported ASPs). In addition, the OIG asserts that inaccuracies in CMS’s ASP files may have affected Medicare payments for a small number of drugs. The OIG made a series of recommendations, including that CMS continue to work with OIG to identify and penalize manufacturers that do not meet ASP reporting requirements (CMS concurred). CMS did not agree with an OIG recommendation to seek a legislative change to directly require all manufacturers of Part B drugs to submit ASPs.