CMS has revised its earlier policy on Medicare Part D payments for drugs used by beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare hospice. In a July 18, 2014 memo, CMS is modifying its March 10, 2014 guidance to Part D sponsors that imposed a prior authorization (PA) requirement for all drugs for hospice beneficiaries in light of operational issues and access concerns.  The revised guidance narrows the Part D hospice PA provision to four categories of drugs that the OIG, in consultation with hospice providers, has identified as nearly always covered under the hospice benefit. Specifically, CMS will now “strongly encourage” Part D sponsors to place beneficiary-level PA requirements only on: analgesics, antinauseants (antiemetics), laxatives, and antianxiety drugs (anxiolytics). Part D sponsors are not expected to place hospice PA requirements on other categories of drugs or take special measures beyond normal compliance and utilization review activities to retrospectively review paid claims to determine whether drugs in the other categories were unrelated to the hospice beneficiary’s terminal illness and related conditions or payment recovery.