In a recent report, “Average Manufacturer Price Determinations by Selected Drug Manufacturers Generally Were Consistent With Federal Requirements,” the OIG has determined that the methodologies used by 20 selected (unnamed) drug manufacturers to determine average manufacturer price (AMP) for drugs reimbursed by Medicaid generally were consistent with federal requirements. In particular, the manufacturers consistently included transactions from retail community pharmacies rather than the more broadly-defined retail pharmacy class of trade. The OIG did note that manufacturers treated authorized generic sales to a secondary manufacturer differently, and suggested that CMS clarify this policy. The OIG also recommended that CMS permit a presumptive-inclusion methodology for wholesaler sales, since manufacturers would not have been able to calculate the AMP for a number of drugs without this methodology. Finally, the OIG recommended that CMS expand the use of a 12-month rolling average to estimate and remove indirect sales related to ineligible customers (in addition to using this for average for manufacturer price concessions).