CMS has proposed removing 10 longstanding Medicare national coverage determinations (NCDs) under an expedited process outlined in an August 7, 2013 Federal Register notice. The NCDs under review address: Noninvasive Tests of Carotid Function, Tinnitus masking, Laser Procedures, L-DOPA,Stereotactic Cingulotomy as a Means of Psychosurgery, Carotid Sinus Nerve Stimulator, Electroencephalographic (EEG) Monitoring During Open-Heart Surgery, Electron Microscope, Xenon Scan, and Nuclear Radiology Procedure. CMS will accept comments on whether any of these NCDs should be removed or retained; comments will be accepted until December 27, 2013. CMS expects to finalize the list in the spring. If NCDs are removed, local contractors will be authorized to determine applicable coverage.