The OIG has examined the extent to which long-term care hospitals (LTCHs) that are co-located with another hospital-level provider or a skilled nursing facility disclose their co-location status to their Medicare contractor. Because co-located status can impact Medicare payments, co-located LTCHs and satellite facilities must notify their MAC and CMS Regional Office about the provider(s) with which they are co-located within 60 days of their first cost-reporting period. Based on a review of 141 LTCHs that the OIG had previously determined were co-located, the OIG found that only 44 had notified their Medicare contractor of their co-located status. While the report, Co-Located Long-Term Care Hospitals Remain Unidentified, Resulting in Potential Overpayments, does not contain recommendations, the OIG observes that “inaccurate data on LTCHs’ co located status could result in overpayments.” In addition, the OIG noted that it continues to study Medicare payments to LTCHs for interrupted stays. The OIG intends to provide additional information on interrupted stays and make recommendations to CMS in a final report.