CMS is soliciting applications from organizations to participate in testing a new Comprehensive End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Care Model designed to promote seamless, integrated care for Medicare beneficiaries with ESRD. The model envisions that nephrologist-led interdisciplinary care teams comprised of dialysis facilities, health care professionals, paraprofessionals, and non-traditional health providers will coordinate a full-range of clinical and non-clinical services across providers, suppliers, and settings. Participating organizations will be clinically and financially accountable for care provided to a group of beneficiaries with ESRD based on the beneficiaries’ historical and ongoing care patterns. Organizations that successfully improve beneficiary outcomes and lower per capita Medicare Parts A and B expenditures can share in Medicare savings generated, while organizations that do not improve outcomes and lower costs may be subject to losses. CMS is hosting an educational call on the initiative on February 26.