On November 27, 2012, CMS sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget for final clearance its long-awaited final rule implementing the ACA’s “Physician Payment Sunshine Act” provisions. Under the ACA, applicable manufacturers of drugs, devices, biologicals, or medical supplies covered under Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP will be required to report annually to the HHS Secretary certain payments or other transfers of value to physicians and teaching hospitals. Additionally, applicable manufacturers and applicable group purchasing organizations (GPOs) must report certain information regarding the ownership or investment interests in them that are held by physicians or their immediate family members. CMS published the proposed version of the rule to implement these provisions on December 19, 2011, and subsequently announced that it will not require pharmaceutical, device, and other applicable manufacturers and GPOs to begin collecting reportable data before 2013. We will be providing an analysis of the final rule when it is available. In the meantime, for our previous reports on the Sunshine Act provisions, click here.