On December 19, 2012, the FDA is hosting a public meeting entitled “Framework for Pharmacy Compounding: State and Federal Roles” (the meeting also will be webcast). While the FDA acknowledges that “the States play a critical role in the oversight of traditional pharmacy compounding,” the FDA observes that “a category of “non-traditional” compounding has evolved in the last decade that FDA believes requires additional oversight.” According to the notice, the FDA is working with Congress to consider new authorities regarding these “non-traditional” compounding pharmacies. In addition to holding the public meeting, the FDA is soliciting comments on several specific questions related to federal and state roles in the regulation of pharmacy compounding, such as (1) whether the states currently are able to provide oversight of pharmacy compounding and consumer protection; (2) what the federal role should be in regulating higher risk pharmacy compounding such as compounding high-volumes of drugs for interstate distribution; and (3) whether or not there is a role for the states in enforcing a federal standard for "nontraditional" compounding. Comments are due by January 18, 2013.