On November 27, 2012, the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) released its fall Semiannual Report to Congress, which summarizes significant OIG enforcement, investigation, and audit activities for the period of April 1 – September 30, 2012, along with summary information for all of FY 2012. Most notably, the OIG reports approximately $6.9 billion in expected audit and investigative recoveries for FY 2012, consisting of $923.8 million in audit receivables and $6 billion in investigative receivables (of which $1.7 billion represents non-HHS investigative receivables, such as OIG’s work in states’ shares of Medicaid restitution). In addition, the OIG identifies approximately $8.5 billion in FY 2012 savings that result from legislative, regulatory, or administrative actions that were supported by the OIG’s recommendations (such as payment reforms for Part B drugs and biologicals adopted under the Modernization Act of 2003 and a variety of Medicare payment reductions impacting home health agencies, DME suppliers, and clinical laboratory services, among many others). In addition, for FY 2012 the OIG reports: exclusions of 3,131 individuals and entities from participation in federal health care programs; 778 criminal actions against individuals or entities that engaged in crimes against HHS programs; and 367 civil actions (including false claims and unjust-enrichment lawsuits filed in federal district court, civil monetary penalties settlements, and administrative recoveries related to provider self-disclosure matters). The report also highlights significant OIG accomplishments for this period, including various Medicare and Medicaid program reviews and Medicare Fraud Strike Force efforts that resulted in the filing of charges against 305 individuals or entities, 181 convictions, and $151 million in investigative receivables.