The OIG has issued a report on Medicaid pharmacy reimbursement that compares FUL amounts based on published prices to FUL amounts based on AMP and pharmacy acquisition costs. According to the OIG, FUL amounts based on published prices (from the fourth-quarter 2011 Redbook file) were more than four times greater than sampled pharmacy acquisition costs. Moreover, FUL amounts based on AMPs were 61 percent lower than FUL amounts based on published prices, at the median, but still exceeded sampled pharmacy acquisition costs by 43 percent in the aggregate. Notably, however, the study was subject to a number of limitations, including use of AMP-based FULs that have not been published by CMS (data for November 2010 was used, whereas CMS began releasing draft FULs in September 2011). While CMS has been issuing draft AMP-based FUL amounts for review and comment, the OIG recommends that CMS complete implementation of AMP-based FUL amounts, in conformance with the ACA. CMS concurred, and stated that it plans to implement FUL amounts based on AMPs “in the near future.”