The GAO has issued a report entitled “Patient Safety: HHS Has Taken Steps to Address Unsafe Injection Practices, but More Action Is Needed.” The report examines the extent and cost of blood-borne pathogen outbreaks related to unsafe injection practices in ambulatory care settings, and federal oversight and other efforts aimed at preventing unsafe injection practices in these settings.  According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data, there were at least 18 outbreaks of viral hepatitis associated with unsafe injection practices in ambulatory settings from 2001 through 2011, but officials believe that this does not represent the full extent of such outbreaks.  The report discusses federal efforts to address unsafe injection practices in ambulatory surgical centers since 2009, including through enhanced CMS survey requirements (CMS suspended the collection of surveyor information, however) and expanded clinician educational efforts.  The GAO recommends that HHS:  (1) resume collecting data on unsafe injection practices, (2) use those data for continued monitoring of ASCs, and (3) extend certain educational efforts to health care settings not overseen by CMS.  HHS agreed with the GAO’s recommendations.