The OIG has issued a report entitled “Nursing Facility Assessments and Care Plans for Residents Receiving Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs.”  Based on a small random sample of nursing facility resident records (375 records) from 2007, the OIG found that few records included evidence that the facilities met all federal requirements related to resident assessments and/or care plans for residents receiving antipsychotic drugs. In particular, most of the records in the sample did not contain evidence of compliance with federal requirements for care plan development, while smaller percentages of records lacked evidence of compliance with federal resident assessment requirements, evidence that planned interventions for antipsychotic drug use actually occurred, or documentation that staff considered the Resident Assessment Protocol for psychotropic drug use as required. The OIG therefore recommends that CMS: (1) improve the detection of noncompliance with federal requirements for residents receiving antipsychotic drugs; (2) address noncompliance with these requirements, and (3) provide methods for nursing facilities to enhance the development and usefulness of resident assessments and care plans. CMS concurred with all of the recommendations. The agency noted that subject to resources, CMS intends to pilot-test a focused review of resident assessments, care plans, and medication use in a sample of nursing homes in FY 2013 to help identify needed improvements in the survey process.