The HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) estimates that the four DME Medicare Administrative Contractors (DME MACs) improperly allowed a total of approximately $271 million in Medicare claims for home blood-glucose test strip and/or lancet supplies in 2007 that the OIG identified as high utilization claims.  This assessment is based on an OIG review that found 303 out of 400 sampled claims had one or more deficiency, including:  (1) inadequate documentation supporting quantities of supplies exceeding utilization guidelines; (2) lack of supporting documentation that refill requirements were met; (3) missing or incomplete physician orders; or (4) missing proof-of-delivery records.  The OIG recommends that CMS ensure that contractors implement recommended system edits and enforce Medicare documentation requirements.  The OIG also asked CMS to consider its findings when assessing coverage and reimbursement policies related to test strips and lancets.  CMS concurred with the recommendations in the report, “Medicare Contractors Lacked Controls To Prevent Millions in Improper Payments for High Utilization Claims for Home Blood-Glucose Test Strips and Lancets.”