On June 15, 2012, MedPAC released its June 2012 Report to the Congress on “Medicare and the Health Care Delivery System.”  Unlike most MedPAC reports that focus on provider payments, this report examines the role of beneficiaries and their impact on the Medicare program. In particular, MedPAC recommends reforms to Medicare’s benefit design/cost-sharing structure to protect beneficiaries against high out-of-pocket spending while creating incentives for beneficiaries to make better decisions about discretionary care. The report also assesses different care coordination models, such as bundling and ACOs, and ways to reward outcomes resulting from coordinated care (or penalize fragmented care). In addition, MedPAC examines programs designed to integrate care for Medicare/Medicaid dual-eligible beneficiaries, including the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly and dual-eligible special needs plan. MedPAC also includes separate chapters on care for beneficiaries in rural areas and options for reforming Medicare coverage of home infusion service, as requested by Congress.