CMS is conducting three new demonstrations in 2012 designed to combat Medicare fraud, waste, and abuse. The first demonstration, the Recovery Audit Prepayment Review, will expand the use of Medicare Recovery Auditors in the Medicare fee-for-service program to review claims before they are paid. This demonstration will focus on seven states with high populations of what CMS characterizes as “fraud-and error-prone providers” (FL, CA, MI, TX, NY, LA, IL), along with four states with high volumes of claims for short inpatient hospital stays (PA, OH, NC, MO). Second, the Prior Authorization and Prepayment Review of Power Mobility Devices Demonstration will test whether a pre-payment review of claims followed later by a prior authorization program can reduce fraud and improper payments for power mobility devices in seven states (CA, FL, IL, MI, NY, NC and TX). CMS is hosting two informational calls on this demonstration: a call on December 2 for suppliers and a call on December 5 for practitioners. A third demonstration, the “Part A to Part B Rebilling Demonstration,” will allow as many as 380 hospitals to re-bill Medicare inpatient claims for patients who would have been more appropriately treated in outpatient settings at 90% of the Part B payment (currently these claims are denied in full). CMS is hosting calls on the Part A to Part B Rebilling Demonstration on November 30 and December 8.