A number of Congressional panels have held hearings recently on health policy issues, including: a Senate Judiciary Crime Subcommittee hearing entitled “Responding to the Prescription Drug Epidemic: Strategies for Reducing Abuse, Misuse, Diversion, and Fraud”;  House Energy and Commerce hearings on interstate health insurance purchasing and creation of an interoperable public safety network; and a Joint Economic Committee hearing on innovation and job growth in the life sciences industry.  In addition, three hearings are scheduled for June 2: a House Oversight and Government Reform Health Care Subcommittee hearing on “Pathway to FDA Medical Device Approval: Is There a Better Way?“; a House Small Business Healthcare Subcommittee hearing entitled “Not What the Doctor Ordered: Health IT Barriers for Small Medical Practices”; and an Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee hearing on the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s Effects on Maintaining Health Coverage and Jobs: A Review of the Health Care Law’s Regulatory Burden.”