On March 22, 2011, CMS hosted a Listening Session on the accreditation requirements for physician offices that bill Medicare for the technical component (TC) of ADI services, such as diagnostic MRI, CT, and nuclear medicine (including PET), and other diagnostic imaging services (excluding X-ray, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy). The purpose of the call was to: review the statutory requirement for accreditation; discuss who needs to be accredited by January 1, 2012; review the accreditation process and timeline; and highlight the importance of preparing to prevent a disruption in payment. On the call, CMS reminded listeners that the accreditation requirement only applies to the suppliers of the images themselves (not the physician’s interpretation service); to entities that submit claims to Medicare; and to entities paid under the MPFS (not hospitals billing under the HOPPS). One notable item highlighted is the new billing requirement that bars “global” billing; the TC code must be billed separately. CMS emphasized that any entity covered by the accreditation mandate needs to start the accreditation process now in order to ensure they will be able to furnish ADI services to Medicare beneficiaries in 2012, since the accreditation process may take up to five months. According to CMS, the average cost of accreditation for one location and one modality is $3,500 every three years. A transcript of the call will be posted for 30 days beginning approximately April 22, 2011.