The OIG has issued two reports examining 2007 Medicare claims for home blood glucose test strips and lancets that it characterizes as high-utilization (that is, claims exceed standard utilization guidelines). The first report, focusing on claims in DME Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)Jurisdiction C, estimates that Medicare contractors inappropriately allowed approximately $125 million in claims for high-utilization home blood glucose test strip and/or lancet supplies, with $96.6 million of this amount inappropriately paid to DME suppliers. The second report estimated that the DME MAC for Jurisdiction D inappropriately allowed approximately $40.5 million in high-utilization home blood-glucose and/or lancet supply claims, with approximately $30.9 million paid to DME suppliers. In both reports, the OIG recommended that CMS and the contractors implement system edits and take other steps to prevent inappropriate claims for these items, and refer DME suppliers with a high volume of high utilization claims to the OIG or CMS for further review or investigation as necessary.