HHS has issued its final “Strategic Framework on Multiple Chronic Conditions.” The initiative is designed to represent a “paradigm shift” from a focus on individual chronic diseases to one that uses a multiple chronic conditions approach. HHS highlights the health care resource implications associated with MCCs, since 66% of the country’s total health care spending goes toward care for the roughly quarter of Americans with MCCs (e.g., arthritis, chronic respiratory conditions, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and mental health conditions). The framework provides options for HHS to strengthen coordination of its efforts internally and collaboration with stakeholders externally. The framework has four overarching goals: to provide better tools to caregivers; to maximize the use of proven self-care management and other services by individuals with MCCs; to foster health care and public health system changes to improve the health of individuals with MCCs; and to facilitate research in this area. Each of these goals includes several key objectives and strategies to guide HHS’s efforts.