On September 17, 2010, CMS and FDA published a notice announcing that they are considering establishing a process for overlapping evaluations of premarket, FDA-regulated medical products when the product sponsor and both agencies agree to such parallel review. The process is intended to reduce the time between FDA marketing approval or clearance decisions and CMS national coverage determinations, which the agencies hope could “potentially accelerate consumer access to new, particularly innovative, safe and effective medical products.” The agencies also observe that such parallel review could “create incentives for venture capitalists and companies to increase their investment in innovative medical products by reducing the time to return on investment” for eligible products. In the notice, the agencies are seeking public comments on the products that would be appropriate for this parallel review, what procedures should be developed, how a parallel review process should be implemented, and other operational issues. The agencies also are announcing their intent to create a pilot program for parallel review of medical devices. Comments are due December 16, 2010.