The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is seeking public input regarding its development of a National Health Care Quality Strategy and Plan, as authorized by the ACA. To that end, HHS has released an 8-page document that outlines its initial thinking regarding the plan, highlighting specific areas where feedback would be particularly valuable to HHS. The broad areas addressed by the document include: Principles Guiding the National Quality Strategy; the Framework for the National Quality Strategy (better care, more affordable care, and healthy people/healthy communities); Priorities of the National Quality Strategy; Goals of the National Quality Strategy (such as reduction of preventable adverse events, increased coordination of care, and improved management of chronic illnesses); Measures of Progress to Priorities and Goals; and Stakeholder Engagement. The public comment deadline October 15, 2010. The initial Health Care Quality Strategy and Plan is due to Congress by January 1, 2011.