A recent OIG report, "A Review of Claims for Capped Rental Durable Medical Equipment,” examined the extent to which Medicare erroneously allowed claims for routine maintenance and servicing and repair of beneficiary-rented and beneficiary-owned capped rental DME. Among other things, the OIG found that from 2006 to 2008, Medicare inappropriately allowed $2.2 million for routine maintenance and servicing of capped rental DME and nearly $4.4 million for repairs for beneficiary-rented capped rental DME. In 2007, Medicare allowed nearly $27 million for repair claims of beneficiary-owned capped rental DME that failed to meet payment requirements, along with nearly $29 million for questionable capped rental DME repair claims. The OIG also reports that supplier practices adversely affected some beneficiaries with high-cost repairs, including suppliers that failed to properly customize power mobility devices (PMD). Other problems identified by the OIG includes beneficiaries reporting difficulties in contacting suppliers, suppliers charging beneficiaries service fees for repairs of capped rental DME, and suppliers failing to provide information about proper use of equipment and repair charges. OIG recommendations include claims edits to prevent future inappropriate claims; improved enforcement of existing payment requirements; additional beneficiary safeguards; and corrective action regarding erroneous payments.