The ACA provides a tax-free, one-time $250 check for beneficiaries who reach the Part D coverage gap during 2010 and are not eligible for low-income subsidies. A June 10, 2010 CMS memo to Part D plan sponsors provides additional information on implementation of coverage gap rebate. The memo notes that prompt submission of prescription drug event (PDE) records is necessary to ensure that eligible beneficiaries receive rebates in a timely manner. CMS also instructs sponsors on how to prepare to address situations such as: the enrollee has not received a rebate check because of an address change or unsubmitted PDE records; the enrollee does not understand how they reached the coverage gap; or the enrollee mistakenly believes they reached the coverage gap, but did not. HHS also has announced a media campaign and other outreach efforts to protect beneficiaries from potential scams associated with the rebate checks. In addition to rebate checks, the ACA provides for a Part D drug discount program under which Medicare beneficiaries in the Part D coverage gap will have access to manufacturer discounts equal to 50% of the negotiated price of the drug (except generic drugs), effective January 1, 2011. CMS continues to provide guidance on this program, including a June 2, 2010 memo to Part D plan sponsors addressing: determinations regarding the applicable discount if the sponsor offers Part D supplemental benefits with fixed copays in the coverage gap; Employer Group Waiver Plan requirements to submit attestations and to make benefit information available for audit; the application of the discount before Platino coverage is applied; and coordination of benefits with other non-Part D payers that incorrectly paid primary to Medicare.