CMS has announced a series of  “outreach listening sessions” to focus on vulnerabilities identified in previously-released OIG reports  pertaining to DME claims, chiropractic services, ultrasound billing, hospice care, nursing home stays, psychiatric facilities, and other providers.

  • The first call is scheduled for Monday, June 7, 2010 and will concentrate on pressure reducing support surfaces, wheelchairs, and negative pressure wound therapy pumps.
  • A June 8 call will address chiropractic services, Medicare Part B billing for ultrasound, and hospice care services.
  • A June 9 call will focus on DME provided in nursing homes, inpatient psychiatric facilities, and physician place of service coding.

On each call, CMS Contractor Medical Directors will identify common themes and billing errors “to educate on ways provider and supplier behaviors can be changed to ensure full compliance with Medicare policy, billing instructions and medical review guidance.”