Recent guidance and summary documents regarding Affordable Care Act implementation include the following:

  • CMS has released a brochure for Medicare beneficiaries with details on the tax-free, one-time $250 check for beneficiaries who reach the Part D coverage gap during 2010 and are not eligible for low-income subsidies. The first checks will be mailed June 10 and additional payments will be made monthly thereafter to newly-eligible beneficiaries.
  • On May 24, 2010, CMS sent an email announcement to providers regarding the impact of the Affordable Care Act on payments under the skilled nursing facility (SNF) PPS for FY 2011. The announcement highlights the interaction between provisions that delay the introduction of the Resource Utilization Groups, version 4 (RUG-IV) case mix classification system until FY 2012, require that version 3.0 of the Minimum Data Set (MDS 3.0) Resident Assessment Instrument be implemented as planned in FY 2011, and require the concurrent therapy and look-back revisions to be applied in FY 2011.
  • HHS and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have issued a press release highlighting provisions in the new health reform law that will build on current anti-fraud initiatives.
  • CMS is sending a mailing to Medicare beneficiaries on “immediate benefits they may see from the enactment of the Affordable Care Act,” including changes to the Medicare Part D drug program, preventive benefits, Medicare Advantage program, and insurance reforms.