A number of Congressional panels have held hearings recently on health policy issues, including the following:

  • The Senate Finance Committee held a “roundtable” discussion on “Increasing Access to Health Care Coverage.”
  • The Ways and Means Committee held two hearings on health reform, one focusing on employer-sponsored insurance and the other featuring a discussion with HHS Secretary Sebelius on the President’s principles for health care reform.
  • The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held hearings on “Primary Health Care Access Reform: Community Health Centers and the National Health Service Corps”; “Learning from the States: Individual State Experiences with Health Care Reform Coverage Initiatives in the Context of National Reform”; and on the nomination of Margaret A. Hamburg to be Commissioner of Food and Drugs.
  • The Senate Aging Committee held a hearing on “solutions to stop Medicare and Medicaid fraud from hurting seniors and taxpayers”