The OIG has issued a report entitled "Nursing Home Corporations Under Quality of Care Corporate Integrity Agreements."  The OIG reviewed all nursing homes that were placed under CIAs between June 2000 and December 2005, and found that all 15 corporations enhanced quality of care structures and processes while under their CIA and cited positive effects of the CIA, although challenges were encountered when implementing the CIA requirements. All 15 corporations had written policies and procedures regarding quality of care, codes of conduct, and training required by their CIAs; monitored their quality of care using standardized data, internal self-assessment tools, and by tracking complaints; and created or expanded their compliance infrastructures to integrate quality of care. Based on the report’s findings, areas that OIG will explore for its oversight of future CIAs include: responding swiftly to noncompliant corporations and those that fail to address quality problems; including in the CIAs specific requirements for documentation of nursing home Quality Assessment and Assurance activities; and sharing lessons learned by corporations and quality monitors with other corporations placed under subsequent CIAs.