The NIH is highlighting a new funding opportunity under the ARRA that will support approximately $200 million in large-scale research projects that have a high likelihood of enabling growth and investment in biomedical research and development, public health, and health care delivery. The purpose of this new program, the Research and Research Infrastructure "Grand Opportunities" (GO), is to support high-impact ideas that lend themselves to short-term funding and may lay the foundation for new fields of scientific inquiry. Grant applicants may propose to address either a specific research question or the creation of a unique infrastructure/resource designed to accelerate scientific progress in the future.   NIH examples of the types of projects that could be funded under this program include the identification and validation of biomarkers in human genetics and biology that indicate the risk for disease or that could serve as a marker of disease progression and/or responsiveness to treatment, or research on information technology to enable physicians to share radiological images across health care institutions.