CMS is soliciting comments regarding whether the agency should undertake Medicare national coverage determinations (NCDs) regarding a wide range of medical technologies. CMS will accept comments until September 28, 2008, on whether a review should or should not proceed prior to the formal decision to open an NCD, based on: 1) a significant number of inquiries from the public, providers, or patients; 2) new evidence or a reexamination of previously available evidence; 3) inconsistent or conflicting local coverage policies; 4) program integrity concerns; 5) substantial clinical advances; 6) technologies for which rapid diffusion could have a significant programmatic impact; or 7) significant uncertainty about the health benefit, patient selection, or appropriate facility and staffing requirements for a new technology. The specific technologies under review are as follows: thrombopoiesis stimulating agents, erythropoiesis stimulating agents, levocarnitine, parenteral iron supplementation, bisphosphonates, gene expression profiling tests, treatment of wet AMD, proton beam therapy for prostate cancer, artificial cervical discs, minimally invasive methods for bariatric surgery, biological therapies for treatment of chronic wounds, bone morphogenetic protein, hip resurfacing, ablation for atrial fibrillation, off label use of drug eluting coronary stents, vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty, lumbar fusion for degenerative disc disease, peripheral arterial stenting and vascular intervention, and pharmacogenomic testing.