Certain retroactive payment increase provisions in MIPPA result in increased beneficiary copayment amounts for certain items and services furnished from July 1 through July 14, 2009. As a result, beneficiaries who already paid or were billed for cost-sharing amounts based on lower prices temporarily in effect are liable for additional cost-sharing amounts. On July 24, 2008, the OIG issued a policy statement assuring suppliers and providers affected by retroactive rate increases that they will not be subject to OIG administrative sanctions if they waive retroactive beneficiary cost-sharing amounts attributable to those increased payment rates (subject to certain conditions). The policy impacts the following types of items and services: physician fee schedule services; certain DMEPOS in the initial bidding areas; brachytherapy sources and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals under the outpatient prospective payment system; and ambulance services. Note, however, that suppliers and providers are not required to waive retroactive beneficiary liability, and they may instead choose to bill the beneficiary for the additional copayment obligation.