On January 18, CMS published another short-term extension of the revisit user fee program for Medicare survey and certification activities through December 21, 2007, in accordance with a temporary spending bill signed by President Bush in December. By way of background, CMS published a final rule in September 2007 to establish revisit user fees for health care facilities that have been cited for deficiencies during initial certification, recertification, or substantiated complaint surveys and require a revisit to confirm that deficiencies have been remedied. Authority for the program initially was scheduled to expire September 30, 2007, but this authority subsequently was extended through a series of temporary budget bills. Note that the final FY 2008 funding bill signed by President Bush on December 26 (H.R. 2764) did not extend the revisit fee program, so those fees will not be imposed on revisit surveys conducted on or after December 26 unless Congress acts to reauthorize the fees in the future.