The OIG has issued a report on Medicare Part D payments to community pharmacies. Among other things, the OIG found that Medicare Part D payments (excluding dispensing fees) exceeded the pharmacies’ drug acquisition costs by about 18.1 percent when drug wholesalers rebates to pharmacies were included. Excluding rebates, Part D payments exceeded drug acquisition costs by an estimated 17.3 percent, with a much larger difference for generic drugs than for brand-name drugs.   A separate OIG report addresses the ability of physician-owned specialty hospitals to manage medical emergencies. The OIG found that about half of all physician-owned specialty hospitals have emergency departments, with the majority having one emergency bed. Not all physician-owned specialty hospitals had nurses on duty and physicians on call during the review period, and 66 percent use 9-1-1 as part of their emergency response procedures. In addition, the OIG has issued a report entitled "National Institutes of Health: Conflicts of Interest in Extramural Research," which includes a series of recommendations to increase oversight of grantee institutions to ensure their compliance with federal financial conflicts-of-interest regulations.